Thursday, March 09, 2006

The new kind of 'content' writer..

A new kind of writer is on the prowl.. and beware. This specialist goes with several names... SEO copywriter, SEO content writer, SEO writer....

Before the genuine writers pounce on me, let me make it clear that my disgust is reserved for the type that churns out something like the one below for for a toy site.

Toys are good to play with. Many toys are available in our store. Toys from Toy r us is preferred by most kids these days. Our store has all kinds of toys- mechanical toys, electrical toys, electronic toys.

Amazon & Toys R Us is discontinuing their sales relationship. Have you bought toys from Toys R US? Toy lovers say that these toys are made in China.

And so on... So, what's new? The problem of keyword stuffing is as old as the 'science' of search engine optimization. Fair enough. My grouse is not just with the keyword stuffing (in fact, I'd go so far as to say that a truly gifted writer could make the prose read like beautiful poetry...). It's more to do with the gruesome murder of the language, with absolutely no respect for grammar and consideration for beauty of the written word. Forget beauty-- that might be too much to ask for. The least that this new breed could do is to give a thought to the message that is being delivered?

It's probably an identity crisis that is causing the problem here---- may be these folks should begin to think either like a marketer or a writer. Trying to be both
is making SEO copywriting seem like a joke..


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