Thursday, January 18, 2007

Windows Live Sandbox?

I am wondering if MSN Search, now Windows Live, has a "Sandbox" of its own, a la the dreaded Google Sandbox.

A newly-launched site that we are working on got crawled and indexed by both Google and Yahoo in about a week's time (give or take a few days), while it is not showing up in the Live Search index in almost a months' time.

It's not that the site doesn't have any genuine content--- there are some good content-rich pages, albeit a few.

This is quite baffling because the MSN search engine was the fastest in terms of adding pages to their index (at least showing them). As the entire SEO industry knows, it was also the easiest to get higher rankings on.

I haven't seen much (admittedly haven't looked around much either) from other folks about them experiencing a similar problem with Windows Live on their new sites. This is something we will be looking out for as we work on SEO projects for new websites.


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