Sunday, March 04, 2007

Google to set up R&D center in Singapore?

Last week, WebProNews reported on the likelihood of search engine giant [or the world's largest media company?] Google setting up an R&D center in our home base of Singapore. If the news turns out to be true, this will be Google's first development center in South East Asia.

It is not entirely surprising if Google were indeed eyeing Singapore--- this "wired" country offers one of the most conducive environments for R&D in the region. Singapore has an ability to attract excellent talent from all over the world.

What has surprised me about Singapore though is that despite amazing levels of Internet penetration, the level of awareness of the potential of the Internet for marketing amongst businesses here (the SME business segment in particular) does not seem to as high. With a small domestic market, Singapore companies have to look at overseas markets for their products and services [and credit to some government agencies that ae helping Singapore SMEs to internationalize]. Yet, a high proportion of these SMEs {based on anecdotal experiences} still rely entirely on traditional forms of marketing; the whole idea of Internet marketing / search engine marketing seems an alien, impractical concept.

This is obviously a challenge and an opportunity for online marketing service providers like ours: challenge because of the effort involved in educating the prospect about the benefits of online marketing to complement their traditional marketing methods; and opportunity because things can only get better as more companies warm up to the idea.


Blogger The Ritz said...

Yes. I believe its the wisest way of reaching out to a larger scale of viewers right before their eyes. It would give way to a more wider market for anyone who wants to promote their products and services.

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