Friday, June 22, 2007

Measures for SEO success

SearchEngineWatch columnist Mark Jackson in his article, Defining SEO success, writes about a common problem that some of us encounter quite frequently: convincing clients of the true measure of succcess of a SEO campaign. There are some who simply refuse to accept that it is not just about getting ranked at the top for ANY keyword THEY are OBSESSED with, but about trying to drive relevant traffic.

Surprisingly, it is sometimes people at the very top who have these weird obsessions-- even if they would not be too well-versed with search engine optimization/ search engine marketing, one would expect these senior managers to have a good understanding of their company's marketing objectives and what they are trying to achieve. Somehow, when it comes to SEO, they seem to forget/ ignore marketing basics.

I guess that's the problem--- even while more people are beginning to "get" SEO, they haven't been able to completely relate it to marketing. These seem to be seen as two different activities.

So, I have to write this again (and I don't get bored of saying it time and again): (i) SEO has to be seen in the context of one's marketing objectives and (ii) SEO is only a means to an end-- it is NOT the end in itself.

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