Monday, June 25, 2007

Optimization for the Search User (OSU)

Bryan Eisenberg in a recent ClickZ column talks of the new SEO: End Searcher Optimization. I am fully in sync with the End Searcher Optimization bit, but I am not quite sure if the concept is indeed that new.

I used the term OSU (optimization for the search user) about two years ago [not that it is the most popular acronym on earth!]; there was another term that did the rounds about a year ago-- I think it was called VEO [visitor enhanced optimization], and now this one, ESO. I suppose they all mean pretty much the same: focus optimization objectives on the end user; understand the searcher and try to provide the searcher with what they need and what they expect.

In the ideal scenario, there would be a total convergence of what one provides one's target visitors with and how the search engines see the utility of what you provide to your target visitors.

All this again comes down to understanding that SEO is really about marketing---the medium is a search engine, that's all. By all means, SEOs have to understand the medium that we are using to market and have to do everything necessary to ensure that we are getting the most out of that medium, but problem is when the entire focus is on the medium and the market itself is forgotten. It's a disconnect that happens far too often.

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