Sunday, September 16, 2007

'SEO Addiction': Demonstrating "SEO Skills" in A Resume

Below is an excerpt from a resume we received in response to an ad for the position of a SEO manager in India that we were trying to help recruit for a client:

"Working for self gratification is a quality that makes me a Virtual Assistant with a difference. As an SEO EXPERT INDIA or even as an INTERNET MARKETING EXPERTS India delivering work with proficiency and in the stipulated time frame, I prove myself to be an asset for the employer."

(Other than making the "keyword phrases" bold, I've pasted the text as I received).

See the pervasiveness of "keyword stuffing" (technically, the above might not qualify for the use of that phrase, but I don't know what else to call it)?

Looks like this candidate clearly wanted to demonstrate his 'strong' SEO fundamentals: incorporate keyword phrases in the content. Or, may be he wanted to display how he used his professional skills in his personal life. [Oh, and talking about the convergence of personal and professional lives, here is how another candidate had to say: "SEO is my hobby, my profession, my passion and my life"]

What an addiction!

There was another interesting resume I had the pleasure of looking at. The candidate in question did not try to load his resume withe keyword phrases, but instead chose to use two other proven marketing tactics: laid out the content in a nice two-column format like it was a piece of marketing collateral [good user interface] and including a "Testimonials" section ---yes, that's how it was labeled. It caught my attention. So far so good. Here's what the testimonial said:

"To do the job accurately, on time and to your satisfaction. I have always done a great job on all my projects, taking initiative, applying creativity and artistic skill. I gets (sic) involved in the project and really works (sic) with you to develop great results."

Thankfully, there was no mention of "References" in the resume--- else, one can guess whose name would have been included there..

One conclusion I took away from both of the above examples [and many more that I came across recently] was that these candidates required a lot of training in areas beyond their chosen profession ie. English language communication. It is not just the SEO / SEM industry in India that has felt this need; numerous MNCs that have outsourced their business operations to India have communicated the importance of language and soft skills training. There are a few companies that are trying to fill this gap, and I'm glad that one of our valued clients has just ventured into the soft skills training business. Hope they succeed and we stop receiving such resumes!

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Anonymous Amit said...


Very good demonstration of the SEO skills for a resume.


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