Thursday, February 21, 2008

Link Building or 'Black Mailing' ?

A client of ours sent us the folllowing e-mail they received from a link building 'professional'.

It is a follow-up letter to his original solicitation.

I have send you already a mail for link exchange if you want good links for your site than reply me fast..

I will place your link at our good site.

Send me mail for link exchange…. Here …


It is obvious that this person is not a trained professional and doesn't have any sense that he is essentially trying to market his website. Most likely he is a freelancer trying to meet a set quota of links within a set time frame.

The more such e-mails go out, the more companies will be apprehensive of outsourcing link building. After all, their reputations are at stake.

On a slightly different note, notice the impatience and brashness in the tone of the e-mail? Unfortunately, I see a lot of it in the ITES/BPO generation in India. Arrogance is increasingly being mistaken for confidence. Of course, we want to see a self-confident society that can face the world on its own terms, but not an arrogant one that does not appreciate the value of humility.



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