Tuesday, February 05, 2008

YouTube partner program- A bonus revenue opportunity for content creators

Revenue sharing with content creators is not a new concept--- numerous publishers, particularly those driven by the user-generated content (UG)model have been doing that for some time, mainly with the Google AdSense program, to incentivise content creators to contribute content.

What appears to be different about the YouTube partner program, which has been in place in the US and Canada and introduced to the UK very recently, is that the video content contributed to YouTube does not have to be exclusive ie. content creators can post/ distribute that content at multiple locations.

Without going through the terms and conditions closely, it seems like a very good opportunity for content publishers to generate additional revenue from YouTube's captive audience. Not only can these publishers monetize their content on their own properties with whatever audience they are able to attract, but they can also generate revenue from the publishing of the same content on YouTube, while still retaining the rights to license/ syndicate content anywhere else they choose to. How attractive this revenue stream will be for these publishers will depend on their reputations, ability to generate traffic to their own properties and the price the content can command, if licensing was an option.

Of course, such publishers may not be the key target for the partner program. That would be the individual/ small-time content creators who may be able to generate good-quality and relevant, niche video content, but don't have the marketing wherewithal to attract a sufficient audience and monetize the content.

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