Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The benefits of an increase in Google Toolbar PageRank (PR)

Google seems to have rolled out updates to the toolbar PageRank(PR) in the past couple of days. The last update was sometime in February.

Unlike in February, when I got the impression that there was a "general" drop --a personal view based on a very small sample of sites--this time I get the impression that the green bar has generally grown taller or longer [depending on the browser/ settings].

Benefits of an increase in the toolbar PR
The "psychological" benefits are enormous!
(a) Feel good factor: Doesn't the statement: PageRank is Google's measure of the importance of this page make you feel good, especially if you see that the PR bar is getting greener?

(b) Hope, Optimism & Re-assurance: Don't you experience highly positive emotions of hope and optimism that with a higher PR, your website is going to get greater traffic and cosequently more revenues (directly or indirectly)? Isn't it re-assuring to know that you are probably on the right track towards whatever that end goal is?

The consensus among SEO pundits is that the toolbar PR doesn't mean much and that material benefits like better search engine rankings and therefore, higher traffic are unlikely.

That is probably the case, but hey, while we are focused on the material benefits, let's continue to enjoy those wonderful feel good feelings of hope, optimism and reassurance with that little green bar.

After all, in most parts of the world, it is much better to see green than red or grey! :)

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