Wednesday, September 03, 2008

New browser from Google, Chrome

More competition for the Internet Explorer with the launch of Google's Chrome on Monday/ Tuesday. Obviously, this is a "beta" version, where it is likely to stay for a few years as with most launches from Google.

Jason Miller of WebProNews has an in-depth piece on this development, including how other search experts view the implications of this new browser. People like John Battelle seem to think that this is another step towards the much-rumored Google operating system.

I I'm not sure if Google Chrome is "compatible" with Firefox ie. whether one can have the two browsers running at the same time. My feeling is that it doesn't since I kept getting a prompt to shut down active windows and then reload Firefox when I tried opening Firefox while Chrome was active. That's something I don't quite like because I like being able to open different browsers to access different accounts, such as viewing a particular Gmail account using browser A while also viewing Google Analytics for another account.

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