Friday, November 09, 2007

Google Adwords 'site targeting' now offers CPC bidding

The Adwords program has made an important change to its "site targeting" option. One, it will now be called placement targeting to reflect the additional targeting options now available [including specific sections/ sub-sections of a website, targeting by demographics and ad formats].

The second, and more important, change is the option for cost per click (CPC) bidding. Previously, Adwords offered CPM bidding for the site targeting feature. The flexibility to use both CPC & CPM when using placement targeting is good for advertisers and could see more advertisers using this feature now.

Our experience with the few 'site targeted' Adwords campaigns we managed was that it seemed to be significantly more expensive than the regular keyword targeting campaigns; hopefully, the latest addition will change that. It will surely be worth testing out.

Here's the official announcement on placement targeting from the Google Adwords blog.

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