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Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Is pay per click (PPC) search engine marketing a part of your overall marketing strategy? If not, think again.

Many businesses realize that PPC marketing equates to Pennies Per Customer (relatively speaking, that is). No wonder an increasing number of businesses turning to paid search engine marketing (SEM)—it is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels for businesses of all sizes.


Do you want to:

  • Have complete control of your advertising budget?
  • Reach extremely targeted audiences?
  • Determine when you want to start and stop advertising?
  • Measure your results and track the ROI of your marketing campaign?

    If you answered YES to all the above questions, then you MUST try PPC marketing

    Outsourcing your PPC SEM campaign

    Of course, you can choose to manage your PPC campaign in-house. However, take into account factors such as your budget, expertise and experience and the resources available at your disposal before taking your decision either way.

    When you outsource your PPC marketing to us, you are assured of:

  • In-depth knowledge and experience: We manage paid search engine marketing campaigns for a diverse clientele from various industries, both in Singapore and offshore. We also have PPC campaign management experience on a number of PPC platforms: Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly Overture), LookSmart LookListings, to name a few.
  • Flexibility with budgets: Unlike many other paid search marketing agencies, we are flexibile with the advertising budgets of clients, as we understand that many clients are still testing the PPC waters.
  • Cost-effectiveness and high ROI: With PPC campaigns managed by specialists in Singapore and India, we provide value to our clients by offering services of the highest competence at the best rates available. No premium pricing, no inflated rates.

    Contact us today to discuss your online marketing objectives, budget, website and your current marketing metrics. Let us formulate and execute an appropriate online marketing strategy that guarantees a high ROI on your paid search marketing dollar.

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    One of the greatest advantages of advertising with Google AdWords is the range of targeting options that are available today. On the face of it, this means that the advertiser should be able to reach his target audience very precisely. However, let us add a word of caution for potential search marketers who aren't as experienced with managing a Google AdWords campaign.

    Implementing successful Pay Per Click (PPC) search marketing campaigns
    A typical Internet search: you go into Google, type in what you`re after and click on the first few search results. Those websites on this first page of search results have got it made - the more they get clicked on, the higher their ranking and the higher their ranking the more they get clicked on, but where does that leave the new starters or the sites which have thousands of worthy competitors?

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    Get high ROI on your PPC marketing campaign. Be assured of high quality, cost-effective search engine marketing services from the specialists.

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    Implementing successful Pay Per Click (PPC) search marketing campaigns

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