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Get instant leads and sales with SEM!

Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Local & Global Reach immediately

Want to create instant online visibility and awareness for your business? Better still, relevant business leads and online sales?

Include pay per click (PPC) search engine marketing into your overall marketing strategy. [Trust us, in some industries, PPC literally translates to Pennies Per Customer, it’s that attractive a proposition!]

Google Adwords PPC SEM Bing PPC SEM

Advertise your business on Google search results or on thousands of websites with Google Adwords pay per click (PPC) marketing. Complement your Google Adwords campaigns with a PPC campaign on the Bing SEM platform to reach an even wider audience.

Be in front of your target audience when they are searching or browsing websites. Pay only when they click on your advertising message. And enjoy cost-effective leads and sales.

Trust an expert SEM agency like On Target to exploit the full potential of this marketing channel and get the results you desire. Having provided SEM services to clients in Singapore and around the world for over 13 years, our promise to you: get full bang for every buck your spend on your search marketing!

SEM: Control your marketing outcome

Of all the online marketing channels, PPC marketing is the one where the marketer has the greatest control over the outcome. Here are at least xx reasons why you should start a SEM campaign.

Precise targeting (and retargeting too!)

Complete control of your advertising budget

Total flexibility of when you want to start and stop advertising

Multiple ways to deliver your marketing message

Accurate measurement of effectiveness and ROI

Convinced of the merits of PPC marketing? Simply contact us and let us plan a smart & practical PPC marketing strategy for you!

The On Target Advantage with SEM

A ‘smallish’ SEM agency, we have rich experience in handling to small to medium sized SEM campaigns. We have run Google Adwords campaigns with budgets ranging from a few hundred dollars to over 15,000 Singapore dollars per month.

Let us manage your SEM campaign

Of course, you can choose to manage your PPC campaign in-house. However, take into account factors such as your budget, expertise and experience and the resources available at your disposal before taking your decision either way.

When you outsource your PPC marketing management to us, you are assured of:

  • Over 13 years’ experience and in-depth, up-to-date knowledge
    We manage paid search engine marketing campaigns for a diverse clientele from various industries, both in Singapore and offshore.

    Benefit from our experiences and valuable lessons we continue to learn with each campaign.

  • Flexibility with budgets

    Unlike many other large SEM agencies, we are flexible with the advertising budgets of clients. We do work with Singapore SMEs whose advertising budgets may be as low as S$500 per month.

  • Cost-effectiveness and high ROI

    With PPC campaigns managed by specialists in Singapore and India, we provide value to our clients by offering services of the highest competence at the best rates available. No premium pricing, no inflated rates.

Contact us today to discuss your online marketing objectives, budget, website and your current marketing metrics. Let us formulate and execute a SEM campaign that guarantees a high ROI on your paid search marketing dollar.

SEM Clients

A small selection of clients from Singapore, India & Rest of the World, who have benefited from our SEM services is given below.

PPC Campaigns: Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a SEM agency? Isn’t Google Adwords a self-serve advertising platform?

Yes, of course, both Google Adwords and Bing are self-serve ad platforms. However, these platforms are continuously evolving, and it can be quite challenging to keep up with these.

SEM is our core business, so are up-to-date with the changes (and resultant opportunities) in this space. Moreover, our experience with different clients can be used effectively to maximise ROI for your campaigns.

How many keywords can we use in a SEM campaign with you?

Unlimited. We do not impose restrictions on number of keywords. However, we will recommend the keywords that you should focus on based on your campaign objectives and budgets.

How many ads will you help create?

For any SEM campaign, we typically start with 2-3 ad creatives per product/service. We add or refine ad creatives based on data from the campaign.

Do you manage PPC campaigns on Baidu?

No, we don’t. We are focused on English-language SEM and specialise in Google Adwords and Bing campaign management.

What are your fees and pricing model for SEM services?

We use both a fixed monthly retainer model as well as ‘percentage of the ad spend model’ - this depends on your advertising spend/budget.

Why should we pay you on monthly basis?

Campaign management is an ongoing task. PPC campaigns require close monitoring- else, they result in precious ad dollars just washed down the drain.

Does it make sense to do PPC even if we are doing SEO? 

Absolutely, it does! It is unrealistic to expect to rank at the top of Google search results with SEO for all the keywords relevant to your business. Paid SEM gives you unmatched scale and reach that SEO does not. You can also use SEM to retarget visitors who may have landed on your website through your SEO efforts.

What is the minimum budget that you work with?

We have worked on SEM campaigns with a few hundred dollars a month to over $10,000/- per month. Budgets are also relative and results can vary based on the industry and target market. Typically, we recommend a minimum budget of $500 per month that you should start with.

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