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Press Release Writing & Distribution Services

Looking for media visibility for your company in Singapore, India and beyond? Look no further. Our press release (PR) writing and distribution services will help you achieve your media coverage & online visibility objectives at a fraction of the cost that you would pay similar services elsewhere. Rest assured, the quality will be top-notch.

Your release will be written by thorough professionals with considerable experience in public relations, marketing communications and journalism.

We know what editors and reporters look for and appreciate. We make sure we understand what your target audience will be looking for. We combine these with our knowledge ofsearch engine marketing to craft the news release to get maximum exposure.

When you engage us for our press release services, you are guaranteed:

Professional, high quality press releases: Our releases consistently get high editorial scores from online newswire services. .

Reliable and timely delivery of your PR campaign: Turnaround time for a press release is usually between 24 - 72 hours, depending mainly on the level of information available.

Cost effective writing and distribution: Unbeatable rates for the quality of professional writing we provide.

We are based in Singapore but we provide our services to clients worldwide. We serve clients big and small.

Simply specify the objectives for the press release campaign, provide information about your company or point us to your website, get a quote, pay via PayPal to confirm your order and you are set to launch an effective PR campaign!

Who can benefit with our press release writing services

The people/companies who typically engage our services include:

  • Marketing communication managers at both SMEs & MNCs in Singapore

  • SEO firms who use press release distribution for media & search engine visibility

  • PR firms who can outsource their press release writing to a third-party for better margins/ more cost-effective delivery of their engagements.

Case Studies on PR & Media Outreach

Establish an online start-up a leader in its space and scale quickly

A start-up was looking to quickly establish itself as a leader in the online tax filing space. By creating and executing a periodic media plan that included bi-monthly creation and distribution of press releases as well as article-publishing in well-known media portals, we helped this start-up get great online visibility very quickly.

Thanks in part to the brand awareness created, the start-up was subsequently acquired by a well-known IT services company.

Increase awareness & website traffic for a nutritionist/holistic wellness player

A nutritionist offering holistic wellness programs and natural diet plans engaged us to create visibility for the lifestyle start-up. While the primary remit was for SEO, the On Target team helped this start-up get immediate visibility with content marketing and a blogger outreach campaign.

On Target created some of the content for this outreach campaign, while some of it was provided by the company. We complemented the work done by a traditional PR firm on digital media. The exposure increased relevant organic search traffic to the website besides helping the client get other business opportunities.

Frequently asked questions

What are your costs?

Our rate for writing a single press release is S$250 only. If you are looking to engage us to distribute the release as well, the costs will vary depending on your distribution objectives and the geographic markets you are targeting.

Do you offer term/ bulk buying discounts?

Yes, we do offer packages for our PR writing service, such that your per release cost is much cheaper. We offer the following packages:


Cost Per Release

Total cost

Savings Per Release

Single press release




4 press releases




6 press releases




12 press releases




* Discounted rates available only if payment for the package is paid in full upfront. All release credits within a package must be used within a 12-month timeframe.

Do you guarantee publication in the media?

No, we don’t. The publication of a press release by media depends to a great extent on how newsy a particular story is or whether the news release fits in with its prevailing publication cycle. However, we work to get each release published in at least some relevant media channels, if you are using our distribution services as well.

Do you share your media contacts’ list?

No, we don’t. We expend considerable time and effort in building and updating our media list and the relationships with the relevant media contacts. It is a business imperative that we retain this information with ourselves.

How many revisions do you allow per press release?

Based on our past experience, we should be able to finalise a press release within a couple of rounds of revisions. The maximum we have ever had to do is 3, but that is more or an exception than the norm.

Do you search engine optimise the press release?

Yes, of course! As a top SEO agency in Singapore, SEO s at the core of what we do and our writers have the knack of crafting press releases that are effective in generating search engine visibility. 

Do you also offer media/blogger outreach programs?

Yes, we do. We provide content marketing service to companies, which involves the distribution and amplification of content. Media & blogger outreach is an integral part of these efforts.

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