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Whether you are a publisher looking for news content and high-quality features, or a SME wanting to prepare product literature, our media services team could help, with a palette of services designed to meet a broad range of requirements from diverse clients.

Web Content Writing

On the web, good content rules; it has this ability to find its way to the top, right in front of its target users, despite all the other tricks that one might employ. Whether you are trying to attract, convert or retain your website visitor, content will play a decisive role. Then, why leave your web content to chance?
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Marketing Copywriting

Looking for top notch copywriting services? Let On Target write copy that works for you. Whether it is three lines of concise copy for a Google Adwords SEM campaign, marketing copy for a landing page on your website, or content for a corporate brochure, let our experienced copywriters deliver the message the way it should be done. Let us create the impact, so you get the results.
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Our writers and editors will fish for information, monitor the trends, talk to the movers and shakers, and of course, use their gifted writing skills to provide you with the right content for your audience. We are mainly focused on generating content related to markets in the Far East and South Asia, though we will be expanding our network soon. Some of the areas that we provide content on are:

  • Global trade, import & export, trade finance
  • Procurement, logistics, supply chain management and e-commerce
  • Electronics industry
  • Construction engineering & civil engineering
  • General science & technology
  • Internet & offline marketing technology & trends
  • Business & management

If you only need assistance with copy-editing or proof-reading, we are happy to assist with that as well. Try us out!


We are the eyes and ears of our clients in the Far East and South Asia, giving them an on-the-field presence in the region. Our industry watchers monitor the key happenings, sift throught tons of information, and provide clients with actionable business intelligence.

Whether you are looking for a state-of-the-market kind of report or more customized intelligence (eg. Monitoring your competitor's activities in the market or obtaining information about prospective business partners), we could be your handy resource. Try us out!