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Web-based Product Development & Maintenance

A website is a piece of idle real-estate; you can do a lot with it to appreciate its value with time. Imagine us at On Target Media to be your property consultants, who can help get the most yield out of your web property.

Some of the questions we address are: " How does your website fit in with your business strategy? What do you really wish to achieve from your website? What can we do to meet those business requirements? " Can any of your current business processes be moved online to make an impact to your bottomline? " How to make your website more functional? " How to make the website more user-friendly? " How to keep the website fresh with content? " How to help the website meet some of your key metrics: incremental revenues, operational cost savings, increased traffic, etc.?

Let our product management specialists work with you to understand your real business requirements, and devise the most cost-effective solutions for you.

What's more, our specialists would be more than happy to take complete responsibility for development and maintenance of your website, ensuring its functionality, usability, freshness. The regular reports we provide should reassure you that your web-property is in competent hands, and being well taken care of. Try us out!

Examples of website development / web-based application development

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