4 proven ways to increase Facebook page ‘Likes’

As one of the most actively used social media platforms, it is important for marketers to use the Facebook platform effectively to meet their marketing objectives. Facebook is also a huge channel for content marketers and bloggers/ content publishers to generate referral traffic for their websites/blogs. One of the common metrics of success of Facebook marketing is how many followers – or the number of ‘Likes’ it has. So, let’s dig into some of the proven methods that I have personally found quite useful in increasing Facebook page likes.

# 1. Convert post ‘likers’ to page ‘likers’

Facebook launched an interesting feature recently that, surprisingly, has not been extensively used by many Facebook marketers.

Many of them promote their post with the Facebook business tool to reach out widely to their audience and increase their brand visibility, but they often forget to do one thing after promoting the post.

Let me explain in detail. When you promote your post through any campaign with any objective (e.g. boost post, increase traffic to website, collect leads, etc.), the promoted post gets great reach & visibility. In this process, some ‘Likes’ to the promoted post are also generated.

Now, you get an option to convert the people who have liked the post into page followers. You can do this by inviting people who liked a post to like the page itself.


My experience shows that nearly 50 to 60% of such invitees convert to page followers, probably because they are already familiar with your page having liked a post.
That is a great conversion ratio and an opportunity not to be missed!

#2. ‘Stalk’ competitor’s followers

Stalking has negative connotations and hence this technique might get misunderstood. Do note that it is fine to do this as long as it is not done indiscriminately. Also, do recognize the fact that it does take some time to see the results of the actions.

Here is what this method entails. Keep an eye on the online activities of your competitors, including their social handles. Visit the competitor’s social media pages to monitor what they are doing different or better.

Check Facebook posts of the competitor that are resonating with their followers, especially the ones that are generating a lot of ‘Likes’. Make a list of individuals who are liking these post and send them a friend request through the profile that is linked to your Facebook page.


Once they are connected to the profile, you can get visibility for your posts on their news feed. Over time, you could also engage with them with your own posts, which could eventually lead them to liking your page and becoming a follower.

#3. Share your Facebook page link in Facebook Inbox

This method works to convert people who have already found out about your Facebook page and is contacting it through a chat message with questions or suggestions.

Respond promptly to such users with the answer to what they were looking for. While doing so, leave a subtle, polite message to the user to Like the page. Include the link of your Facebook page in the chat.


In many ways, this is like requesting for a rating immediately after delivery of a service —- the chances of a user taking action are high when done immediately after you have given them the answer to their query.

#4. Follow relevant Facebook pages

Following Facebook pages will help helps you to widen your audience reach. Where appropriate, post on those Facebook pages as a visitor with intelligent and well-thought through posts (avoid ‘posting a comment for commenting sake’). As you build visibility for the profile, you can leverage this to increase visibility to your brand page.

Try out these four proven Facebook marketing tactics and see the results for yourself. They have worked for numerous social media accounts I’ve worked on and I am sure you will benefit from them too!

– By Abhishek Savekar

Abhishek Savekar is a Digital Marketing Executive with On Target Marketing Solutions, a Navi Mumbai digital marketing agency servicing clients from across India. He specializes in increasing social media visibility for clients.

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