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Organic ways to succeed on social media

Social Media is a huge platform that has evolved immensely in the last two years. Today, news, updates, product launches etc., are first announced on Facebook and other prominent social media channels. Therefore, for every company, irrespective of its size and sector, it is important to thrive on a social media platform, which best complements its product/service range. Once you setup your account, what next? You might have to struggle to be seen/heard and in the bargain, you may come across a number of paid ad campaigns that promises you enough likes/followers. However, for a company in a nascent stage, it is difficult to earmark huge sums for paid ad campaigns. So, let’s discuss on how you can run an effective social media campaign in ZERO budget.

8 Organic ways to succeed on social media:

1. Be consistent in your content: If you are present on diverse social media platforms, the rule for success is to be consistent. Uniformity on all platforms will help you get dedicated followers.

2. Look out for keywords: Like SEO, keywords can help you achieve a lot of success on the social media platforms as well, especially on Twitter. Search for keywords related to your product/service and start participating in conversations happening in the space.

3. Two-way communication: Get responsive and acknowledge all likes, retweets, comments, queries, favorites, etc. It is a simple yet effective way to make an impact on a potential customer.

4. Have an incentive plan in place: Acknowledge fans that provide referrals via inviting their friends and family.

5. Switch to Quora: If your blogs are not brining in enough traffic, the best alternative is to switch to Quora. They host blogs and hence it can help you tap a wider audience that is active on Quora.

6. Publish testimonials: Update testimonials and other recommendations on your social media page and let the word out. Slideshare is another platform where you can consider sharing these testimonies.

7. Use LinkedIn wisely: LinkedIn is a powerful business social media platform. Use it wisely to reach out to your target audience.

8. Adopt a personalized approach: As far as possible, try to get personal on all social media platforms. Respond and converse with your followers in such a manner that they get a feeling of communicating with an individual rather than a company. The personal touch works best with human beings, why not reach out for it?

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