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Content marketing: Building on the foundation of great value


Content has always been considered one of the most important facets of online marketing. However, it seems to be getting even more weightage with each passing day as marketers try to overcome the ever-shortening attention spans of users subjected to a constant flurry of marketing and advertising messages from all corners. Welcome to the new age of content marketing!


What is the secret mantra for the success of a content marketing campaign? The truth is that it is no huge secret at all. One of the most fundamental things to constantly reinforce when embarking on such a marketing strategy is that age-old difference between marketing and sales. A sale may be one of the main goals of marketing, but don’t mix them completely. Let the desire to sell not overpower your content marketing; there is a greater likelihood of your target audience being turned off to another product/ service!


Jonathan Greene writes on this very topic in a recent blog post on , citing some very good examples of how some consumer products’ companies took advantage of content marketing to boost their sales efforts. These companies often did not mention their products’ in the content they produced, but their efforts turned out to be hugely effective. Our India affiliate, which services clients in India mainly, also had a similar experience with a content-driven SEO and social media marketing campaign on Facebook for a client. The strategy was clear: desist from selling–provide the target audience with loads of useful and usable content and sooner rather than later, they will start asking about the product or service that you actually want them to buy. Not only did the client see a multi-fold increase in search engine traffic on the site due to increased frequency and depth of blog content that we created, engagement on Facebook increased significantly as users started to voluntarily provide their contact details requesting sales people to get in touch with them!

In a nutshell, there are three golden rules for content marketing:


Build the content strategy on the foundation of these three rules and watch the impact it has on sales.

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