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Digital Marketing/ Online Lead Generation For Singapore Education & Training Sector

Looking to increase lead generation for your college, enrichment classes, tuition centre, or specialist education and training services in the Singapore market? Let our online marketing experts help you by planning and executing cost-effective digital marketing strategies specifically tailored to attract prospective students and participants.


From helping education providers and training companies in the education, learning & development space (in Singapore & India) create a digital presence with a website to expanding their reach by generating online leads, we have developed a rich experience and invaluable insights in servicing this segment. Use our learning to your benefit- let us be your online marketing & lead generation partner!

SEO, SEM, Content & Social Media Marketing

Get your educational institute website to rank higher than your competition. Receive genuine inquiries from parents or students looking to enroll for the course of their choice.

Our SEO experts combine their SEO skills with experience in the education & training sector. So, whether you are a specialist training provider looking to create awareness about your highly-specialised training programs or part of an education chain looking to attract students from around the world to study in Singapore, let our online marketing consultants tailor a custom local/ international SEO strategy for you.

Interested in getting instant leads? What better digital marketing strategy than SEM using Google Adwords!

Whether you are a private tuition provider for Singapore school curriculum, somebody offering child enrichment classes targeting students from a local catchment area or a college/university offering graduate & post-graduate degrees let our SEM experts structure a Google Adwords PPC campaign that drives student leads cost-effectively.

Engage with your prospective, current and past students through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Ensure that you can create and maintain a level of trust and comfort that is so essential in the education, career, personal and professional development space with effective and sensitive social media campaigns.

Let us plan and execute your social media strategy- including content creation for your social media channels/handles, conceptualising and managing paid promotions on Facebook or LinkedIn and managing your online reputation.

Build and reinforce trust amongst your prospective customers with trustworthy, informative and useful education & training content focused specifically in your area of specialisation. Let us plan and execute a comprehensive content marketing strategy that leverages the expertise and experiences of all key stakeholders in the learning & development ecosystem.

If you need regular content for your website or for reaching your target audience through other channels- be it in the form of short blog posts or in-depth articles- our team will work with yours to create it. Depending on your specific needs, we also handle content amplification and distribution.

Case Studies in Education Digital Marketing

An online education company offering a niche training course- online only- engaged On Target to attract relevant traffic and generate online leads for its course in a very competitive market. The challenge was not just online competition, from other service providers and free information, but also traditional brick-and-mortar classroom training centres.

On Target helped this course provider increase organic search traffic with content-driven SEO by at least 5 times within a year. More importantly, we helped this company, reduce its average cost per lead to one-third of what it was by optimising the company’s Google Adwords SEM campaigns.

We also helped this niche online institution build a strong Facebook following (over 130,000 active followers), mainly through organic social media marketing.

A company providing child enrichment and brain development programs was reliant on its relationships with schools in Singapore to acquire students to its program. The company also used expensive offline marketing methods such as newspaper advertising and participation in exhibitions and events.

With a local SEO campaign, the company started generating regular, good-quality online inquiries for its courses. Not only was it able to increase leads and reduce reliance on costlier offline marketing, but it was also able to diversify its student mix.

A provider of beauty & cosmetology courses relied heavily on advertising in the print media, especially mainstream newspapers, to fill its batches. The promoters of the school were quite apprehensive of the potential of digital marketing in the education space; however, they decided to take a chance with On Target.

With consistent SEO effort, this institution is now ranked on the first page of Google search results for a large number of search terms most relevant to its business. Not only has the regular flow of relevant online leads helped the institute fill seats for its programs, but also has enabled it to improve profitability significantly by cutting down drastically on newspaper advertising.

A franchisee of a well-known IT training chain targeted students from a small catchment area. We helped this institution generate a regular flow of online leads from this target market with a local SEO strategy.

Having been successful with its first outlet, our client expanded with a new training centre once again focused on a different catchment area. We are now helping generate leads for this new centre through organic search engine marketing.

Education & Training Clients

Some of our past and current clients from the education & training space– including corporate learning & development providers- who have benefited from our online lead generation campaigns are listed below.

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