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Manoj Aravindakshan

Search Marketing Consultant & Content Strategist

Founder, On Target Media, Singapore


Based in Singapore, Manoj Aravindakshan is an international search marketing consultant & content strategist who runs search & content marketing agencies in Singapore & India. 


His rich work experience of about 20 years in South East Asia, during which time he has lived in Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore, gives him a great understanding of the region, particularly from a content & marketing perspective. 


He has over two decades of collective experience in the realm of media & marketing, spanning technical/ trade publishing (both print and online media), web content, web-based product management and online marketing, specifically search engine marketing. 


Manoj founded On Target, following his passion for the online media and marketing industry. Cumulatively, he has spent almost 15 years in content for online media, including a stint as the Online Managing Editor for reputed international publications such asEE Times Asia; web product management and online marketing.

He hands-on areas of expertise include:


In addition to his full-time roles with On Target Media, Singapore and On Target Marketing Solutions, Mumbai, Manoj has also served as a Consulting Director for Search Marketing & Content with digital agencies & online media ventures in Singapore & the UK. He has also been a co-founder of start-ups in travel marketing, digital transformation of healthcare and online retail.


He derives special pleasure in helping start-ups and SMEs succeed by generating online visibility and potential business through digital channels. 


Always keen to share knowledge acquired from his diverse experience as a digital marketing consultant, he writes regularly on the lessons learnt from various SEO, SEM & content marketing campaigns. 


Manoj is also the producer/curator of the Search Dynamics (SDx) search marketing conference. 


Interested in discussing a search marketing or content consulting opportunity with Manoj Aravindakshan? Please get in touch with him on manoj (at) ontarget-media dot com.

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If there was one recurring theme at the first B2B Online Asia Conference, it was the need for focus on “Customer Experience”. The key drivers for designing and delivering the desired customer experience? People & data.

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Why White Papers Make for Great Marketing Collateral

If there has been one constant in the ever-transient paradigm of marketing on the Internet, it is that "content" is the key to attract a steady stream of the uninitiated as well the converts.

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We have often been asked by our search engine optimisation (SEO) clients on whether there would be any improvement in their ranking on natural search results ifthey did Pay Per Click (PPC) search advertising as well.

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The triumph of (quality) content

The cliche ‘content is king’ needs to change to reflect the truth that quality content is king, says Singapore Search Marketing Consultant & Content Strategist Manoj Aravindakshan. He cites three different examples from the world of print, broadcast and digital media to prove the point.

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The five attributes of SEO-friendly content

Singapore SEO & Content Marketing Consultant Manoj Aravindakshan lists the 5 key attributes of SEO-friendly content i.e. content that has the greatest probability of reaching to the top of Google’s search results. Remember the acronym ‘FOCAL’ he says: Fresh, Original, Comprehensive, Authoritative and Localised.

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Top SEO mistakes to avoid

While many SEO pros would like you to believe that it is a perfect science with accurately predictable outcomes for every action, I contend that it is an iterative process...

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Over the 13 years that we have been in the online marketing business, we have evolved from being purely focused on SEO to be a content marketing company...

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SEO lessons from Google: Essentials for contemporary SEO

Google released a video recently where it listed the characteristics of a good SEO consultant and how to hire one. Presented by MaileOhye, Developer Programs Tech Lead at Google, the video is an addition to the search giant’s “Do you need a SEO” page.

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Why Singapore local businesses should invest in SEO

Over the 12 years that we have providedSEO services in Singapore one of the common objections raised has been by several prospects is: "Singapore is such a small market- what is the need for doing SEO?"

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One of the greatest advantages ofadvertising with Google AdWords is the range of targeting options that are available today. On the face of it, this means that the advertiser should be able to reach his target audience very precisely. However, let us add a word of caution for

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Penguin 4.0: Implications for SEO professionals

Google confirmed the roll-out of the latest version of its Penguin algorithm- a long time after its previous release- sometime in the latter part of September 2016. Unlike in the past, this latest release did not seem to have caused widespread 'destruction' of organic traffic or rankings for websites.

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How SEO professionals should respond to Google updates & announcements

Google claims to make about 500 updates to its search algorithm each year, though many of them seem to be no more than small-scale tests. Typically, there are a couple of 'major' updates each year that sends the SEO world into a frenzy.

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How to get press coverage for start-ups/ SMEs

The Singapore chapter of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) organised an event recently titled "How to get press coverage for start-ups". The event, moderated by Singapore-based entrepreneur Roshni Mahtani, featured brief talks by Grace Chng, Senior Tech Correspondent of The Straits Times; .

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In the Media

Hitting the bulls-eye with SEO: Interview with Manoj Aravindakshan, Founder, On Target Media, Singapore


This interview was originally published in 2008 by Mediabuzz, which publishes Asian eMarketing newsletter. We re-produce this now because a lot of the aspects mentioned in this article are as relevant for SEO today as they were 10 years ago.


SEO Basics: When to start SEO, Synchronising SEO strategy with website development


Singapore-based content and digital marketing consultant Manoj Aravindakshan addresses a common question that one hears from businesses: when should one really start SEO? 

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