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The marketing services division of On Target Media aims to be the preferred marketing and advertising agency for our clients. Primarily focused on business-to-business (B2B) marketing, we offer search engine marketing, media planning & buying in trade publications, handling marketing communications, and execution of integrated marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Marketing

One cannot overstate the importance of an organization’s search engine strategy, especially for small-to-medium sized companies. Search engine marketing, which includes search engine optimization to drive traffic from organic search results and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, is becoming the cheapest and most-effective means of attracting target customers.


Should you miss out on this great opportunity? Our search engine marketing team will work with you to help improve your search engine positions on the most important search engines and drive significantly more traffic to your website. They will also work closely with you to target the right keywords to ensure a high quality of traffic, in addition to the growth in volume of traffic to your website.


We will manage your pay-per-click search engine marketing campaigns, be it on Google, Overture, Lycos. Where relevant, our team will recommend marketing on one of the increasing breed of niche search engines, and manage that too for you.


Interested in formulating your search engine strategy with us? Try us out!

Media Planning & Buying

Executing a multi-location, multiple media advertising campaign can be an immensely time-consuming and (often) frustrating experience. The preliminary research in identifying the right media, to-and-fro communications with the short-listed media to negotiate the packages, and working with the publications to execute the campaigns can take up much of your valuable time.
We can save much of this hassle for you, leveraging on our relationships with various publishing houses and our experience in this area. We will help with identification of the appropriate media and negotiate on the rates ensuring that your advertising spend is optimized, and manage the campaign to its successful execution. Increase the return on investment on your advertising by cutting down on the overheads.Try us out!

Integrated Marketing Communications

With our extensive experience in journalism and various facets of marketing, we are ideally positioned to plan, develop and execute integrated marketing communications — be it creating your marketing collateral, designing creative advertising, copywriting, writing quality press releases or devising an e-mail campaign.

Corporate Events for Marketing

We partner with a leading corporate event management company in Singapore to plan and execute a range of corporate events including seminars and conferences. Create visibility and establish thought-leadership with our content-rich bespoke corporate events. Contact us to find out how we can help you get the best return on investment from event marketing.

We believe we can play a role in building your brand, or may be, even getting a halo around your brand. Try us out!

8M Marketing Matrix

Mission | Market | Method | Medium | Message | Moment | Money | Metrics

The 8M Marketing Matrix is a simple but powerful framework we use to develop & execute marketing campaigns. To know how we can use it for your business, contact us.

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