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‘Digital PR’ has become a buzzword in the recent past. Let us simplify it for you.

Digital PR is simply a means to getting inbound links (“backlinks” in SEO parlance), media coverage and visibility for your company/ brand, mainly through digital channels though not limited to those, through the creation and distribution of content. You can easily view it as a subset or form of content marketing.

The creation of a separate “niche”/ “technique” called digital PR probably owes itself to the bad name that abuse of certain other techniques such as “guest blogging” have gotten.

Three ‘types’ / components of digital PR

We view the digital PR channel to consist of three distinct components. Depending on your specific objectives and priorities, we will recommend that you use any or all of these.

Create and share news about your company with the media. The distribution may be done one-to-one with relevant media outlets as well as through online news wires.

Contrary to what some SEO experts advise, at On Target Media we recommend that sharing newsworthy developments through press release writing is a useful and effective strategy to build visibility for your company. Remember, our ultimate goal is not to “manipulate” Google with keyword-stuffed press releases and links.

Long before ‘guest blogs’ became the in-thing before getting the bad name that it eventually did, writing guest articles in reputed media were an integral part of any PR strategy to help build/ embellish a personal/ corporate brand.

Our digital PR strategy recommends creating and publishing opinion and thought leadership articles in relevant and authoritative publications. Don’t discount the idea of ‘guest blogs’ simply because Google or some SEO experts say so: if you can write a high-quality guest post on a high-quality site that earns you a backlink, it will still yield results for your SEO efforts.

Today, when most people refer to digital PR, they are referring to only this type of content. Creation of such content takes time and effort, and consequently, significantly higher budgets. In some ways, such content could be like “white papers” on certain topics - though, the nature of white papers have changed significantly these days such that they have become lead magnets rather than ‘link magnets’ from external media. A digital PR campaign driven by such content will typically need at least a few thousand dollars in budget and a lead time of at least several weeks, if not 2-3 months. However, this approach has the greatest ability to move the SEO needle purely on the basis of the quality of the links and visibility it generates.

Who can benefit with our digital PR services

The people/companies who typically engage our services include:

Ready to embark on a digital PR campaign for your company? Contact us now and let our digital PR. content marketing and SEO experts devise the most appropriate strategy for you.

Case Studies on Digital PR

Establish an online start-up a leader in its space and scale quickly

A start-up was looking to quickly establish itself as a leader in the online tax filing space. By creating and executing a periodic media plan that included bi-monthly creation and distribution of press releases as well as article-publishing in well-known media portals, we helped this start-up get great online visibility very quickly. Thanks in part to the brand awareness created, the start-up was subsequently acquired by a well-known IT services company.

Increase awareness & website traffic for a nutritionist/holistic wellness player

A nutritionist offering holistic wellness programs and natural diet plans engaged us to create visibility for the lifestyle start-up. While the primary remit was for SEO, the On Target team helped this start-up get immediate visibility with content marketing and a blogger outreach campaign.On Target created some of the content for this outreach campaign, while some of it was provided by the company. We complemented the work done by a traditional PR firm on digital media. The exposure increased relevant organic search traffic to the website besides helping the client get other business opportunities.

Frequently asked Questions

Our rate for writing a single press release is S$400 only. If you are looking to engage us to distribute the release as well, the costs will vary depending on your distribution objectives and the geographic markets you are targeting.

No, we don’t. The publication of a press release by media depends to a great extent on how newsy a particular story is or whether the news release fits in with its prevailing publication cycle. However, we work to get each release published in at least some relevant media channels, if you are using our distribution services as well.

No, we don’t. We expend considerable time and effort in building and updating our media list and the relationships with the relevant media contacts. It is a business imperative that we retain this information with ourselves.

Based on our past experience, we should be able to finalise a press release within a couple of rounds of revisions. The maximum we have ever had to do is 3, but that is more or an exception than the norm.

Yes, of course! As a top SEO agency in Singapore, SEO s at the core of what we do and our writers have the knack of crafting press releases that are effective in generating search engine visibility.

Yes, we do. We provide content marketing service to companies, which involves the distribution and amplification of content. Media & blogger outreach is an integral part of these efforts.

Our experience in writing media releases spans several industries including software services and technology, Edutech, healthcare, travel and tourism, telecom, physical security, and business consultancy services, to name a few.

Even if your industry is not mentioned here, our press release experts have the requisite skills to craft an impactful media release.

We are able to distribute your press releases globally using our own media contacts list as well as suitable newswire services. However, we specialise in press release distribution to the ASEAN region (particularly, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand) and India. Press release distribution costs will vary depending on the countries you target and the type of distribution you are looking for, based on your marketing communications objectives.

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Clients’ Speak

On Target’s strengths in high-quality content creation for the travel sector, in the form of blogs, articles and social media posts, is excellent. We regularly use them for making our media announcements and press releases. I am happy to recommend them to anyone looking for digital marketing services.
Samson Tan
CEO, GTMC Travel, Singapore, Chairman- Inbound, NATAS


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