Cost-effective international marketing with powerful Internet marketing

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Cost-effective international marketing with powerful Internet marketing


Are you looking to market overseas and attract international clients / customers for your services and products? You have come to the right place. On Target Marketing Solutions provides customized Internet marketing strategies for Indian companies to cost-effectively achieve their international marketing objectives.


Using a combination of search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click advertising (PPC), and other forms of online advertising and marketing, we create visibility for our customers and generate high-quality international (as well as domestic) leads.

Complementing your existing marketing methods

We recognize that you may be successfully executing various offline marketing methods, including print-media advertising or attending trade shows and events. Undoubtedly all these channels are vital elements of an integrated marketing mix and have a place of their own. However, it is now proven that the Internet is an extremely useful marketing medium, ignoring which can affect the competitiveness of businesses of all sizes. Let internet / online marketing be an integral part of your marketing mix and watch the benefits as you will:

The Internet helps you become truly global by helping you reach markets that you never thought existed, and attract inquiries and orders from new prospects and customers.

Unlike other offline marketing methods that tend to be one-off or valid for a limited duration, with online marketing (particularly SEO), you can reach your target customers for a much longer duration.

Typically, search engine marketing (both SEO & PPC) have proven to be more cost-effective ie. yielding a better return on marketing investment than other forms of advertising/ marketing.

Online marketing for diverse domains

We use our expertise to devise and execute highly effective online marketing programs for clients for diverse domains. Not only will we help you to attract prospects and generate leads with SEO & PPC, we will also assist you with online media planning and advise you on the right online and offline media to choose for an integrated international marketing program that optimizes your marketing budget and gives the best returns.


Some of the domains that can definitely benefit from our international marketing and lead generation services for Indian companies are:

B2B sector

B2C sector


Contact us today giving details of your company and your specific marketing objectives and we shall get in touch with you to help you accomplish your marketing objectives.

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