Keyword research for SEO & Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

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Keyword research for SEO & Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Right keywords = Quality traffic = Better ROI on marketing


A very simple formula that drives almost any search engine marketing company. But what differentiates each of these companies is how successful they are in determining the right keywords.


We treat keyword research as a science that needs to be mastered, and our professionals practice this science to near perfection with all our search engine optimization (SEO) & paid search marketing campaigns.


With keyword research, our goal is to harmonize the keywords you want to optimize your site or a page for, with the search terms most likely to be used by potential visitors to your website from search engines. Every search engine marketing campaign by On Target is backed by extensive research and analysis by our experienced search professionals.
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We are committed to delivering a very high return on investment (ROI) on your search engine optimization (SEO) & pay per click (PPC) search marketing campaigns. Therefore, dealing with keywords and keyword phrases for an optimized marketing campaign involves three aspects:

Keyword research

Identifying the right keywords and phrases based on search behavior, habits and emerging patters of your target customers

Keyword analysis

Different keywords signify different customer intent and understanding this in the context of a campaign's objectives is extremely important.

Keyword monitoring

It is extremely important to regularly monitor the results of a SEO efforts or the PPC campaign for the targeted keywords and take appropriate action.


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Note: Search engine marketing firms and interactive marketing agencies who would like to outsource their SEO & PPC projects are assured of a highly reliable partner capable of delivering extremely cost effective and successful SEM campaigns. We service PPC and SEO projects from Singapore clients as well as offshore customers.

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