Effective ad copy for your Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising

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Effective ad copy for your Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising


Having formulated your pay per click (PPC) marketing strategy, defined the target keyword list, the next critical step is to write powerful, effective, and action-oriented text ad copy.


Without the right ad copy, all the online / search engine marketing strategy and research and analysis could be brought to naught. Ultimately, you want the right audience to click your ad, visit the landing page, and take the next step, be it placing an online order, registering for a membership or forwarding the information to a friend (depending on your specific marketing campaign objectives).


Ad copy writing for your PPC search marketing campaign has two distinct requirements:


Being a professional search engine marketing (SEM) agency, our talented copywriters possess a flair for the perfect word and a track record of creating advertising copy that delivers results. Take advantage of On Target’s ad copy writing expertise and get the most bang for your marketing buck. Contact us today!

Copy/ creative for the search engine ad


Writing powerful ad copy for most pay per click programs is challenging, and requires not only excellent copy writing skills, but also strong editorial skills. Our ad copywriters can add tremendous value with their experience because they will:

Follow editorial guidelines on language: Unlike general advertising, text-based search engine advertising for PPC programs typically have strict guidelines regarding the language that can be used. A copy writer cannot take liberties with superlatives or unverified claims.

Follow editorial guidelines on length: Search engine text ads generally have pre-defined character limits to the length of ad copy, with even more stringent requirements for the ad headline. Also different search engines may have differing guidelines.

Weave the target keywords into the ad copy. Since most PPC search advertising is contextual, finding the search term in your ad is likely to draw the attention of your ad to the searcher.

Keep track of the different ad copy, and make changes to the less effective ones, and most importantly,

Incorporate your powerful sales message into the ad copy, enticing the user to click your ad.


Don’t you agree that these require highly specialized skills that only a professional search engine marketing firm can offer?

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Copy for the landing page on your website


While our copywriters create ad copy that will bring visitors to your site, it is only half the job done. If the copy on the landing page does not convince the visitor to take the action you would like them to, then you have potentially lost the bid amount on that customer. Our copywriters will help make your landing page copy exciting and effective to maximize web conversions.


There are several techniques our trained copywriters will use, but here are just some of the few they use to create some great, action-inducing copy.


Write as much, and only as much as it will take to communicate your message. Nothing more, nothing less.

Interactive style

An interactive style, with a few pointed questions peppered in between the ad copy with the answers often pointing to your unique selling propositions, keeps the reader mentally engaged with your message. Your selling propositions will be the answers to these questions.

Powerful headlines and sub-headlines

Our copywriters effectively use these visual attention grabbers to capture and retain the attention of the readers.


Knowing the audience that will be brought to this landing page being created is absolutely important. For example, if the ad is targeted at a Singapore audience only, then that local flavor will be added to the landing page; if the page is aimed at a global audience, then the landing page will reflect that.


Well, there’s plenty more of these techniques but why not give us a try? Let our ad copy writers turn out some sizzling hot–more importantly, result-oriented-copy for you.
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