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SEO Audit

Unearth your website's traffic potential with comprehensive SEO Audits

Whether you are already carrying out SEO efforts reasonably successfully or you are still wondering if organic search engine traffic is the right marketing method for your business, it is beneficial to get a periodic SEO audit done by a specialist.

A thorough audit from a third-party lends new perspective and fresh insights that can help expand the reach, results and return on investment from your marketing efforts. With our rich experience in critically evaluating hundreds of websites in diverse industries and of all sizes, we’ve mastered what to look for, where and how for an effective SEO audit.

Why not leverage our experience to give a fillip to your online marketing efforts?

What we do

Spot Gaps

We reveal the loopholes in your SEO strategy and execution that you must plug to achieve desired results.

Find Opportunities

We unearth hidden, unexplored or underutilised opportunities to improve SEO results.

Identify Threats/ Risks

We will tell you what might hurt in the near future, even if that might be working well for you currently.

Our audit methodology

Our comprehensive audits evaluate in great depth the three key parameters that influence your SEO results: your own website, the competition and the overall search landscape that continues to evolve at an amazing pace.


Our audit process is designed to answer 5-key questions that could eventually form the basis of a fresh or modified SEO strategy. A high-level schematic of this 5-step process is given below

1. What can give you better?

Provide a list of recommended actions

2. Why these results?

Dig deeper to find causes, limitations, opportunities

3. What are you getting?

Evaluate the current results with respect to effort

4. What are you doing?

Grasp your current strategy and efforts

5. What do you want?

Understand your business and marketing objectives

Why customised SEO audit reports?

Lots of SEO software tools perform automated audits and generate reports; many of these are fairly good and useful too.

However, most of these tools can hardly match the ability and experience of seasoned online marketing professionals, who can pinpoint unique opportunities exclusively available for you/ your business.


Interested? Contact us now for an audit with your website URL and your target audience including any geographic priorities. Let our audit be the first step towards truly optimising your SEO campaign!

Let us help you

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