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Looking for a top notch marketing copywriting service in Singapore? Let On Target write copy that works for you. By this, we mean copy that

Copywriting for multiple media : brochures, websites, text ads for SEM

Whether it is three lines of concise copy for a Google Adwords SEM campaign, marketing copy for a landing page on your website, or copy for a corporate brochure, or an e-mail newsletter, let our experienced copywriters deliver the message the way it should be done.

The media / channel you require copy for poses its own set of constraints and challenges. (For example, a text ad for a PPC campaign on Google Adwords gives the copywriter all of 95 characters, inclusive of the headline, in which to get the key message across!).

Our skill is in overcoming these constraints with a sound understanding of the specific media/channel being targeted.

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Copywriting for varied audiences: Business, Consumer, Young, Old,...

The language, the style and the tone of effective copy are obviously a function of who you are addressing the message to.

Ensuring that the recipient feels “this is something for me” is one of the key goals in our approach to communication. We put considerable thought to understanding your target audience and crafting the copy accordingly—one of the key steps to ensure your marketing efforts are not wasted.

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Copywriting for diverse domains: IT, Marketing, Education, Real Estate,...

We are frequently asked: “Have you done copywriting in an engineering sector?” Replace engineering with any other domain you can think of. Often, our response is: “Not yet.”

The fact is, we don’t have domain expertise in a whole lot of domains. But that doesn’t prevent us from understanding and writing about and to an audience in a particular domain. Of course, it takes some extra effort at our end to do it well, but that’s a challenge we are more than happy to take on. Be assured that it the subject/ domain is beyond our comprehension, we’ll let you know about it!

Our writers have written copy for clients in industrial/ process automation, real estate, consumer financial services, education and training, travel, technology, and several more. Interactive design agencies in Singapore have also trusted our copywriting service for their own clients.

So, if you are on the hunt for a high-quality copywriting service provider that is reliable and cost-effective, mail us your detailed requirements. Alternatively, if you are in Singapore, reach us on 90261492 to discuss further.

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