Organic search (SEO) for international marketing: think international, act local

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Organic search (SEO) for international marketing: think international, act local

An oft-heard comment from many Singapore companies is that the local market is very small and that they would like to expand into overseas markets. There are several commonly used strategies to fulfill these international aspirations- finding local partners, advertising locally, attending trade shows, joining trade delegations and so on. The assistance provided by various bodies of the Singapore government to facilitate such international expansion is certainly quite valuable. 


One aspect that Singapore companies need to look at closely is whether they are fully capitalizing on the opportunities provided by search engines in creating visibility and penetrating the geographic markets that they would like to. Using paid search advertising (also referred to as pay per click advertising) is a relatively easy and quick way to being seen in international markets; however, the focus of this article is on what local companies can do with generating visibility, website traffic and international leads through natural/ organic search results.


Considering how search engines are demonstrating significant ‘local bias’ in search results, I recommend adopting a ‘think international, act local’ strategy to a company’s international marketing efforts. To put it simply, I suggest that companies should adopt most of the key aspects of ‘Local search engine optimization (SEO)’  to the different markets they are targeting. I list below three important points for this:

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