Is social media use in security industry becoming more prevalent?

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Is social media use in security industry becoming more prevalent?


We often hear from some professionals within the security industry that the industry isn’t really modern and up-to-speed when it comes to the use of web and mobile technologies. Consequently, they say, companies are a lot less likely to be ‘clued in’ to the use of social media for their marketing purposes. However, that seems to be either a misperception or the industry is changing in how it uses social media., one of the top online media covering this sector, recently carried a round-table discussion on the importance of social media to the security industry. The consensus was that social media channels are playing a vital role in the industry in a range of functions- marketing, customer service and recruitment.


The ability to communicate quickly with the target audience and have a dialog with customers seem to be the chief attractions of social media for the participating companies.


According to Scott Schafer, Executive Vice President of security camera manufacturer Arecont Vision who was quoted in the round-table discussion, “As a manufacturer, popular social media platforms are another method to reach customers and provide them with information we think they will find useful, such as new products, features, and partnerships, what other customers are doing with our products, making recommendations on best practices and activities, and providing industry news and commentary. In return, customers have the ability to provide unfiltered feedback directly to the manufacturer, which can identify issues and opportunities.”

Some other points mentioned by the participants are summarised here:

Social media is a two-way street: it allows companies to share information with their customers/prospects, while allowing the latter to provide immediate feedback.

YouTube is a powerful channel for product manufacturers as it allows them to showcase product features and use the videos as pre-sales tools. Similarly, they can use videos to demonstrate product set-up and installations.

Social media “humanises” communication between brands and communities and customers. The insights shared by members of the community contribute to increased professionalism of the entire group.

Social media is a great tool in the security and fire industry for instant communication pertaining to emergencies.


If your company is in the security industry (or any other B2B sector) and would like to understand how to take advantage of social media and other online marketing channels for building brand awareness or lead generation, contact us now.

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